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A luxurious brothel, bar, and resort!
Come hang out with the sexiest hoofers in town while sipping an artisan cocktail, lounging in the spa area or walking the garden paths…

The Stable is a web comic following the adventures of Brush, Victor, Zoey, Felicia, Balios, Xanthos, Buck, Pixie, Dresella and their friends in their day to day life working at, you guessed it:

The World

Somewhere between a distant fantasy world and cold hard reality is where The Stable exists. Perhaps in the distant future or another dimension, but the world eerily similar to our own with suspiciously similar continents.  The Stable is set in a modern age in a continent like North America, where different species have ventured out of their individual worlds and congregated into great cities and civilizations.
Those with wealth often possess technology such a gas powered vehicles, cellphones and computers, while poor and remote communities still live in small villages without electricity. The Stable is nearby the city of Golden, one of the largest and wealthiest on the continent. The city was originally named for the minerals found in nearby mountains but has since grown into a trendy metropolis. Many creatures are drawn to this city for it’s promise of wealth and power, but there is a dark underbelly of the city which has some of the worst corruption in the region.
Unlike our world, here bisexuality is the default orientation, with those considering themselves primarily gay or straight being in the minority. Those on either end of the spectrum are often considered by others to be both strange and narrow-minded.
There is magic in this world and magical creatures such a unicorns and dragons. Each species possesses their own powers, some feared, and some respected by the general community. Potions are commonly sold in drugs stores, but not all potions, there are strict rules around certain types of magic use. 

The Establishment

The Stable is primarily a brothel that specializes in hoofers. Over the years they have added a bar, landscaped gardens, barns, and private rooms. These days they are almost more of a very sexy resort then a brothel.
The employees are hired on a yearly contract basis and are completely looked after by The Stable, getting everything from food and shelter to spa treatments and access to the bar. Many of the employee’s come from rough backgrounds and have found an oasis in The Stable, but they are required to work or their employment will be terminated.

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